Winter pruning in our vineyards

Winter pruning in our vineyards

08 February 2019
The winter pruning of the vineyard in Bodegas Luis Alegre is a key measure for the development of the future harvest.

It is important to choose the dates of this pruning depending on the area and the possible alterations in the vine that you want to try to avoid.

Winter pruning gives us the option to shape the vineyard, improve its vigor and regulate the performance for the future campaign.

Vegetative stop

It is a very important and decisive period in the vineyards that should begin once the harvest is finished, the sap is not active in the vines and once the leaves have fallen, this period is known as vegetative stop. 

This period usually longs from November until February, but it depends on the location of the vineyards and the clima.

During this period the sap does not have an active presence in the vines, there are no leaves left on the vine and a structure of branches (vines) can be seen very visible, so the pruning is easier.


The winter pruning

This process is carried out during the coldest months of winter because, due to the low activity of the sap, it is not so traumatic for the vineyard. It consists on cutting and eliminating the vines  shoots of the vine giving shape to the vineyard..

This process, which is carried out during the coldest months of winter, is convenient to carry out during dry days, avoiding fogs, rain or humidity since, the plant receives cuts that with the humidity is easier to leave access to fungus and diseases in it.

The plant will be cut (pruning wounds) and, that can facilitate the entry of fungal diseases or diseases of the vine wood. These are transmitted more easily in situations of humidity. It is also recommended to protect these cuts with healing paste or similar treatments.

After the last 2018 with abundant rain, the pruning of this year is being carried out in a short way since it is expected to be a very fertile year.

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