Bodegas Luis Alegre

The winery

Bodegas Luis Alegre was founded in 1968 from the passion of a winemaking family and is located in Laguardia, one of the most exclusive winemaking regions in Spain.


Since its inception, our philosophy has been to achieve the highest quality. We work with a singular objective: to make wines with personality. In order to do so, we combine evolution and tradition, optimizing and reinventing what already exists while always respecting the tradition and heritage of wine. This vision has made us pioneers in the use of the selection table. All of our grapes are hand selected.

Shielded by the Sierra de Cantabria mountain range in Rioja Alavesa, our vineyards are formed by limestone soils with sandy inserts, salinic, and ferric influences that give our wines a level of high quality.

Aging room

Our aging room is one of the most attractive and important places in the winery. It houses more than 1500 oak barrels, hand selected in forests in France and North America. It is a unique place where you can experience the most intense aromas of the aging wine.

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