Bodegas Luis Alegre


Enioy a guided tour of our winery where we will show you the behind-the-scenes process of how we make our wines. 

Experience the perfect harmony between tradition, history, and advanced production techniques used to make our wines. 

Discover the meaning of our Unique Wines from Old Single Vineyards, breathe in the aromas of our barrel room with more than 1,500 oak barriques, and enjoy tasting our wines in the place of their birth.

A tour can be finished with a traditional meal from our region in our restaurant with panoramic views of the Sierra de Cantabria mountain range and the surrounding sea of vineyards.


Our scenic space is the perfect place for wine and gastronomy lovers. Gaze out at the awe-inspiring views from our panoramic restaurant while you enjoy an impeccable pairing of our dishes and the result of precise viticulture and aging.



Enjoy the magnificent views of the Sierra de Cantabria mountain range and Rioja Alavesa that can be seen from our terrace. Choose your favorite wine and tastie it in the peaceful atmosphere this space emits.


Wine Bar

After a tour of the winery, what better way to enjoy a flight of our wines than in the original place they were born? Our wine bar is the perfect space to let go, relax, and allow yourself to get wrapped up in the aromas of a of a good glass of wine.

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